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even when they get older, these two will probably never change~ ♥

even when they get older, these two will probably never change~ 

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Anonymous inquired:

AAHHHHH! Your art is SO GOOD! I hope Im as good as you one day :3


i still have sososo much to learn but it makes me happy that you like my art so much, anon. so thank you! u wu))

just keep drawing as much as you can, be stubborn and never give up! it’ll definitely be worth it <3

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retromagician inquired:

Your artwork is absolutely beautiful, I've been stalking through your page for about an hour and a half now. You've got some amazing talent! Keep it up! ❤️🌻❤️🌻❤️

ahhh thank you so much i hope you enjoyed your stay on my blog !!

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Anonymous inquired:

as i thought it looks awesome even with flat colors and without the sparkles<3

haha i was thinking of you when i finished those drawings and realized i forgot to add any sparkles!

"i wonder if that anon is still around and i wonder if they’ll approve of this more…"

i’m glad that you do, thank you u 3u) <3

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Anonymous inquired:

i m fuckgin SCREAMING your art is terrific --rincentric

sCREAMS WITH YOU thank you you so much omg

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Hi I just discovered your account and oh my gosh you're such a talented artist. Also, i may have spent like an hour scrolling through your blog and liking nearly all of your Free! art up until the end of 2013, sorry about that.

Also Reigisa is one of my OTPs and your fanart is just amazing for dealing with feels

ahh thank you so much and please don’t be sorry!! i feel like i should apologize for the old art you had to look at LOL;;;;

i’m glad my reigisa fanart can help you deal with your feels u wu) <33

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